The Goddess Temple Dioramas

Get Village

Introduction: Welcome to My LEGO Fantasy World.

Get Village is the first LEGO diorama built in the Goddess Temple series. It is a visual representation of the story of Annindale, the Get Witch, her relationship with the dragon named Uths and the development of the Witches Order of the Dragon Riders.

Sometimes the story line initiated the LEGO build, and sometimes the LEGO build initiated the story line.

Many things in the Annindale story took place in and around Get Village that proceeded the Dragon Rider witches building of the small castle ontop of the dragon Uths’  mountain lair , as well as the building of the Dragon Riders Goddess Temple. Both the Dragon’s lair mountain and the Goddess Temple are situated in the Dragon’s realm, which is the next LEGO diorama to be presented at a later time.

So it is proper that we visit the Get village first before I introduce you to Uths’s lair and the beautiful Goddess Temple in the heart of the great jungle of Zom.

Get Village is full of mini-dioramas representing stories that slowly unveil and reveal themselves to you, the strange and wonderful aspects of the mystery that this LEGO fantasy world has to offer.

In the “Get Village Today” pictorial, you will find little bits and pieces of story line under each picture that will connect all the Mini-dioramas together into one intriguing and entertaining story.

If you only want to see the pictures of the LEGO build without the story content, then click on the Slide Show button.

Either way… Enjoy the journey.

Life is a dance…  Arthur   {]]’;-)