The Goddess Temple Dioramas

Get Village Part 4



A group of wizards, wise men and elders from a verity of mystery schools are walking through the fields with their woodsmen escort towards the ceremonial Budoka gate.


In the back of the Get village fields is the Budoka gate. The gate guards the Warding Path that leads through the jungle to the Dragon Riders Goddess Temple seventy five miles South of Get village. With the help of the Get Woodmen, the Path was built by the witches of the Dragon Riders Goddess Temple. Warding Towers are spaced every few hundred feet apart along the path. They hold Warding Spells that protect the travelers from predators. These Warding Spell Towers are maintained by the Goddess Temple witches and keep the dangerous animals at bay.

You had to have a good reason for going to the temple and permission from the crones of the Goddess Temple, and the elder dragon himself, in order to set foot on that path. The Temple is located next to the same volcanic cliffs and escarpment river as the village. But using the escarpment river to get to the Temple is not an option. To many Waterfalls and crocodiles.

You could easily walk around the gate and make you own path towards the temple in the Zom jungle if you wanted to, as many a Dragon slayer has tried. But each step you take into this particular jungle increases the chances of your never making it back to the village alive.

Although taking the Warding Path through the Zom jungle is the safest way to go, it is still a dangerous trek. All groups are escorted by a few woodsman and the Goddess Temple’s warriors called the Budoka.




In these pictures, the chief Budoka gate guard stands atop the ceremonial entrance gate.


The Budoka warriors are a highly disciplined group of Goddess Temple Witches. They are fearless jungle warriors, well trained in fighting magic and many of the known martial arts. They are especially known for their expertise in weaponless hand to hand fighting and their mastery of a particular sword bush weapon. They have consolidated a number of fighting technologies from many cultures and fighting arts. At the Goddess Temple they have their own Budokan complex, complete with a dojo, barracks, and spa.

These woman have created a special order of witches called the Budoka. The Budoka have taken an oath on their lives to protect the dragons of Zom, their dragon lairs, and the dragon’s realm from all outsiders who have intent to harm dragon kind.



A delegation from “The Order” approaches the Budoka gate.


In the Village is a delegation of wizards an wise men from “The Order” who arrived in Get. They are heading to the Budoka gate which is next to the Volcano behind the village fields. Witches and wise women from the Order have arrived at the Goddess Temple weeks ago and are awaiting the arrival of their Order brethren.

The Order is a unification, comprised of the practitioners of all the different mystery schools. That unification was instigated by Annindale the Get Witch.

All the Mystery Schools on this planet had possession of different secret and magical power words and runes that they were keeping to themselves.  In a “blinding-flash-of-the-obvious”’ Annindale, as young witch apprentice, had discovered that within her own witches’ order that those magical power words and runes that were a part of an ancient earth language that was much older than, and the foundational basis for, the magic elder tongue of man.

Annindale brought this new insight to her elders who were a gasp at the hidden-in-plain-sight revelation that she put before them. Her elders shared her discovery with all the different orders on the planet. The different mystery schools initiated Annindale into their orders’, according to her level of Apprenticeship, so that she might share what she knew and uncover even more of the powerful language in their secrets and writings.

All the different mystery schools and brotherhoods opened their doors to Annindale. They did so to obtain the new information that she had gleaned from the other schools, but when she left, she left their doors open. What were once very separate, closed, and impenetrable entities, became a collaborative and united group as they communicated more openly with each other.

Annindale had become the catalyst for the unification of all the different mystery schools and what she call the Mother Tongue became the glue that bound them together. They eventually became what is now called “The Order.”

The unification of the diffrient mystery schools happened not to long before she traveled to Get to became the Get Witch and eventually the founder of the Dragon Riders Goddess Temple.

This fact is just one of the legacies left to us by Annindale and that, in itself, is a whole other story to tell.

(But not here)

It will suffice to say now, that the Order, the Goddess Temple, the Dragons and the Get Village are forever linked because of the Get Witch Annindale.

The Order delegation that is in Get Village is about to start a 75 mile hike through the dangerous Zom jungle to consult with the elder Dragon Uths and the respected witch crones of the Goddess Temple concerning a number of issues. Some of those issues include; the expansion of the Goddess Temple system into other dragon realms, how to convince other countries and cultures to recognize dragon’s realms as sovereign nations and the appearance and meaning of the phoenix above the Get Volcano.

Because of the warding towers on the path to the Dragon’s Valley the woodsmen are escorting the delegation less to protect them from predators and more to protect the worldly wizards, and wise men from their own ignorance of the Zom jungle. They will make sure that the members of the delegation do not stray off of the Warding path, or reach out and touch a sword bush, or try to pick up a pretty poison spiting frog.

The lead woodsmen in this delegation is Jonarue, the head woodsmen of Get.  As a young boy he had known that because of his love of the woods and its plants and animals, his life’s calling was to become a woodsmen. At the age of 14 he left his home in the Northern continent’s woods and traveled, half a world south, to Port Artune to learn the trade.  There, he heard about the great Get Village woodman at the top of the Zom river, who could teach you how to survive in the dragons realm. Because of his early age, Jonarue lacked the preconceived notions about what a woodman should be, that would have gotten in the way of Get’s teachings. Those preconceived notions killed many of his fellow students in Get’s dragon’s realm jungle survival training.

Jonarue endured his survival training with Get and after ten years as a woodsmen in the dragon’s realm jungle, Jonarue’s peers elected him to become their leader. To become the Head Woodsmen of the Village of Get was indeed a great distinction. At the age of 65 Jonarue is still healthy and spry, but he is now grooming the young Ganom to take over the responsibility of the Get Woodsmen’ Guild. It is obvious that when Jonarue retires that the guild peers will elect Ganom to be the heads woodsmen of Get, so why not give him a head start.

One of the reasons that Jonarue personally chose to lead this paticular escort was to also visit his daughter Isa at the Goddess Temple. Isa is a now full fledged Goddess Temple witch and a Dragon Rider.  She is also Annindale’s daughter.

Every official delegation escort includes at least one Temple Witch, some Get Woodsmen and Budoka warriors. But the visitors in this delegation will not be aware of the warriors, as the Budoka will be stelthfuly traveling through the jungle, parallel to the Warding Path.

No harm will come to the visitors form the Order.



The delegation speaks the Drakkone Oath of allegiance to gain entrance.


In order for the delegation to be allowed to pass through the gate and to be escorted to the Goddess Temple, there is an official ceremony and procedure that has to be adhered to by the Budoka warriors and visitors. Each visiter speaks the Drakkone Oath of allegiance which binds them to an unbreakable magic contract that alines their interest and intentions with the dragon riders order.

Although the Budoka gate guard is there to wittiness the oaths and ascertain the truth in the words of the speaker, hidden in the bushes near by, are spitter frogs who will have the final say as to whom may pass through the gates. These frogs are the ultimate soul seekers and easily see truth and falsehood. They are psychically connected to Uths the dragon, the Goddess Temple witches and the Budoka gate guard.



Looking at the warding path and the back of the Budoka gate and Village

Lego_dividerThe wooden warding path on the other side of the Budoka gate and it’s magic “warding spell towers” ward off the most vicious of animals. This path winds it’s way through the most treacherous jungle known to man, to the Dragon Riders Goddess Temple.

With the help of the Get Woodsmen, the Goddess Temple witches cleared the jungle and built the path for special visitors to the temple. The witches do not need a path through the jungle to get to the Temple, as they have the “Lightness of Being” that can fly there on their broom sticks.

This “Lightness of Being” is one of the reasons that they are Dragon Riders.

The “Warding” path ends at the beautiful white Goddess Temple. The Dragons lair is not far away from the Temple but it is totally inaccessible to any one but a few chosen Dragon Rider witches. The Dragon Riders are chosen by the dragons themselves I might add.

In the future there will be more Dragon Riders Goddess Temples established in other dragon realms around the world.

We will delve more into the Budoka when we visit the Dragon Riders Goddess Temple.

Yes we will visit the Temple and the Dragons lair in do time when the delegation make it’s way to the dragon’s lair valley, but first we will complete the visit to the Village of Get.



Looking down on the Escarpment Temple’s stone faces from the Horn Tower


Just how nasty and dangerous is the Jungle around Get?

When the native Invisibals talk about a “Mean and wasteful death” the Escarpment Temple might be a good example. The distance from the Village side of Escarpment River and across the river to the Temple that is embedded into the volcanic walls of the lava flow escarpment, is only one hundred and fifty feet. Yet a vibrant agricultural community lives on one side of the river and certain death awaits any one visiting the temple on the other side.

The temple is really an entrance to a cave that is carved into the face of the Escarpment. The cave leads into a maze of volcanic flow tunnels buried deep into the volcanic stone.

Get the fourth says that the Invisibals believe that the caves run all along the inside edge of the massive lava flow escarpment, and that possibly those tunnels run all the way back to the Dragon’s lair 75 miles away.

The main temple entrance is obscured by the thick jungle, but the large stone head that sits on top of the temple can be seen form many parts of the valley as it is higher than the volcanic escarpment itself. The stone head has a carved face with a big nose and a ceremonial horned head dress that is reminiscent of the one warn by the invisibles tribe’s chieftain. The head is twice the hight of a man. Fire constantly emanates out the top of it’s pointed ears, as if there is still molten lava still moving around inside the escarpment. The head’s eyes are made of iridescent yellow topaz gems and there is a massive jewel imbedded in the stone face’s forehead. A smaller stone head, with ruby eyes, sits at the temple’s entrance.

In the old days, many Dragon slayers were enticed enough by the sight of the embedded jewel in the temple’s head to be sidetracked from their dragons quest as they passed through Get village. They would instead cross over the West river and go to the Escarpment temple to investigate. No one who has gone over the river to the temple has lived.

These days, dragon slayers are directed elsewhere for their suicide quest, but still many adventurers have come to this region to test the curse of the Get Escarpment Temple and have added their bones to the temple’s collection at it’s entrance.

From the village crows nest on the Horn Tower, the bleached bones of men, horses and their rusted shields and armaments can be seen piled up around the Temple’s Headstones.

The temple is so close to the village that the screams have been heard of every man’s agonizing and prolonged death, who ignored the villagers warnings and crossed the Escarpment River.

That death awaits any man who dares visit the Escarpment Temple is no mystery. How they died and who or what killed them has been a mystery of a long time until recently. There is more to be told on that tale later.

There are also two other mysteries concerning the temple. They are the mysteries of the Boogieman and the Jewel.

The Boogieman

The villagers call the stone head on top of the Escarpment Temple the boogyman. They do that not to just scare the kids but because the boogyman also scares them.

No matter where you stand in the village, where ever the boogyman head can be seen, it seems like it has turned to look at you. The villagers have gotten use to the iridescent yellow Topaz eyes in the Temple head that seems follow their every move, but that doesn’t mean that they are comfortable with that fact.



The Jewel embedded into the the Boogie man’s forehead


Over the years, huge green emeralds, vibrant turquoise, radiant rubies, brilliant diamonds, all precious jewels, have been seen embedded into the the Boogieman’s forehead. One type of jewel might be projecting it’s radiance from above the boogyman’s eyes, then all of a sudden the jewel would be missing with only a hole left in the stone where it was embedded. A few days later it would be replaced by a jewel of a different kind. Although there is no explanation, there has been speculation by the villagers that the Invisibals witch doctor has something to do with it. The witch doctor has been seen on the escarpment above the temple around the time that the jewels have reappeared.

The invisibals avoid the temple like the plague and they only come close to it in their canoes, as they float by it in the escarpment river. The Villagers believe that it’s probably the only time that they are quiet.

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