The Goddess Temple Dioramas

Get Village Part 7

Part 7 begins with… THE BACK OF GET VILLAGE


The horse stable, horse pasture and fields in the South East back of Get Village.


Surrounded on three sides, the waterways; Escarpment river, East River and the mighty Zom River, act as natural boundaries protecting the village from most predators except the crocodile.

The back of Get village is where the jungle meets the village. It is where the Warding Path to the Dragon Riders Goddess Temple starts at the ceremonial entrance that leads into the jungle through the Budoka gate and it is where a majority of the fields and farmers huts are located.

The boundary fences in this area have mini-warding spells on them. So that the spells can last longer before needing refreshing, they are embedded inside crystal lantern casings that sit atop each fence post.

The Get witches have taught the farmers how to create and maintain mini-wardings them selves. These boundary mini-wardings help keep the majority of the jungle creepys and crawlys out of the living and growing area of the valley. But just in case, the farmers have also placed mini-wardings on field fences as well.

The larger predator warding spells maintained by the Get witch are situated a little deeper into the jungle just beyond the boundary fences.The Wardings keeps the Get village safe from the Zom jungle and from most of it’s predators. The exception is the crocodiles. For some reason crocodiles are not effected by the village wardings. But rarely do they wander away from the rivers into Get, except to cross over from the East river to the Escarpment river during mating season.



In This Picture, you can see the Eastern boundary of Get village and fields as it is today. It is a straight line of warding fences that cut through the jungle very close to the East river. There is still some jungle between the warding fence and the river bank.

At the very top of this picture you can see the Get Red’s colorful wild flower patch in the volcanic jungle foot hills that border the back of the Get fields.


At the base of the foot hills, in the South East back corner of Get Village, right next to the pasture fence, is one of the two Grandfather oak trees that grow near Get Village. The tree sits next to the pond created by the new Dam, erected by the village collective. The dam channels water to turn the Mill Water wheel and to collect fresh water for the village.

The East river splits the Get Valley in half. Only one half of the Get valley, the West side, has been tamed, cultivated and made relatively safe for habitation. The East half of the valley is still mostly jungle, but because of the need to expand the Village as it starts to turn into a town, and with Uths’s permission, the Farmers are clearing the West part of the Get Valley preparing to move their fields to that area. Next year at the end of first harvest, and before planting the village collective will all pitch in a clear out the West valley and establish the new fields for the third planting for the year.When the expanded growing fields are well established, all the fields surrounding Get village, Except the Get family fields growing against the Escarpment River will be abandoned to make more room for housing, a school and town buildings. The East part of the Get Valley will become the town of Get. The West part of Get valley will become the expanded agricultural fields, horse pastures, and a farmers-fishing village with a new dock.

The East river currently flows over the new dam and Mill-Forge, past horse pasture, the hanging house, the coconut grove, the cotton patch and into the Zom river.Near the mouth of the East river as it flows into the Zom river, a new foot bridge has been built across it.

This bridge leads to a warding path that has allowed the get farmers to clear parts of the Eastern valley for new cultivation.

By the next years second harvest the foot bridge will be replaced by a full traffic bridge as the farmer-fishing village is developed near the Zom on in the Eastern Valley.

Although the Western border of Get village is defined by the shore of the Escarpment river, the Eastern boundary of Get will longer defined by the shore of the East river. By next years Setteling the whole of Get Valley will have boundary fences mini-warding spells, as well as warding spells surrounding the whole valley.

Then the village population will give the East River a new name and call itself a town.

The jungle area between the village and the East river could easily be cleared but it has been maintained to protect the river weed. Cutting the jungle back all the way to the river on the Escarpment side of the village has adversely effected the growth of the river weed in the West River. By maintaining the jungle around the East river the Jameson Triplet boys are able to harvest their river weed patch with out fear of over harvesting.

By the end of the year, the Eastern half of the valley on the other side of the river will be completely tamed, cultivated and civilized. The jungle surrounding the East river will be thinned down but not completely tamed. As the crocodiles are not effected by the warding spells there will always be danger in the rivers.

With the East river jungle thinned down to almost a park in the middle of the Get valley, the river weed in the river may not thrive as well and be harvestable. Foreseeing this possibility, the Jameson Triplet boys have started cultivating river weed patches in the jungle pond above the Mill-Forge. So if their lower river weed patch does not survive the encroachment of the village, they will still have a healthy harvestable river weed patch on the upper East river.



Not to far from the village boundaries is the Get Red’s wild flower patch.


Wild flowers cultivated by the Get Reds.


To start their flower and herb business the parents of the Reddish Get Reds found that transplanting the delicate flowers and herbs from the deep jungle directly into the Get Valley was difficult but normally successful. The middle Red sisters discovered that they could more successfully transplant and cultivate plants to a part of the jungle just outside the valley boundaries. By doing this, they created a “Wild flower Patch” as a near by source where that could successfully transplant and “Tame” thoes plants into their Get Valley flower fields.



In this picture, sitting next to the East river Grandfather Oak tree, is the new Mill-Forge. Sara and Jedidia’s living new quarters sits on top of it.


Grandfather and grandmother oak trees are by far the tallest trees in the Zom jungle. These “elders of the earth hairs”, as the invisabals call them, have a tendency to grow on top of hills, thus making them seem even taller that they already are. Every mile or so throughout the jungle you can see them shoot up out of this misty jungle bio-mass and tower over the jungle’s green canopy.

There are two grandfather oaks growing next to the rivers in the West Get valley, two grandmother oaks towering over the jungles of the East Get valley. There would be one more Grandmother Oak behind the Get volcano, if lightening had not struck it 150 years ago and blew it up from the inside out.The villagers call them all grandfather oaks, but the witches know better.



The Grandfather oak trees are homes for parrots.


The oak trees are homes for parrots. Parrots and spiders do not get along with each other. And because the spiders live in the Grandfather oaks for some reason, the parrots have made those trees their primary home. You will always find a flock of 15 to 30 Parrots in any grandfather oak tree that you see in the Zom jingle.



In this picture you can see the windmill water pumps on the far left top of the dam, the water pond behind the dam, the Dam itself, the water filtration system coming out of the dam, the spillway’s water turning the Mill-Forge wheel, The Mill-Forge foundry itself and Sara and Jedidia’s new living quarters on top.

Notice the Warding path tower at the entrance of the Mill-Forge Dam Complex. This complex is essentially surrounded by the jungle at this time, and needs extra warding protection.


The villages Dam, Mill-Forge, water works, and windmill pumps were all designed by Sara. She submitted the East river dam project to the village council, and with their, and Uths’s, approval it became a village project. Between each harvest and planting this last year, every one in the village pitched in to help build the dam. The only dangerous part of the project was clearing out the jungle.

After the dam and the spillway channeling the water to turn the Mill-Forge wheel was completed, Sara and Jedidia built a second story living space above the Mill-forge. They have a great view of the village, The volcano and the Zom River.

On settling day they plan to move into the Mill-Forge and turn their craft house, in the village center, over to Zohnjon, the village leather smith, and his pregnant wife, (the witch says triplets ). They have has been living in a farmers hut.This building is called the Mill-Forge because the mill grinding wheel system and forge furnace is in the same building. This is a very economical use of space because the mill grinding wheel system and forge furnace will not be used at the same time. During the hot season Sara will still use the small forge that is connected to the outside of the leather crafter’s fire place and the farmers will be grinding their grain in the Mill-Forge. But during the settlings, when the air is cooled off by the rains, it will be used as the smithies forge for the larger Get village projects.

With the windmill water pumps now fully functioning, the village now has pressured water that they can direct any where they need. This opens up the East side of the valley to further farming and development. With the help of the whole get population, the farmers will create their own Village on the East side of was is now call the East river.

As the village begins to expand into the jungle valley on the East side of the East river, the village elders hope to maintain the trees surrounding the river. But, at the same time, they hope to eliminate the spiders, and crocodiles and “tame” the foliage into a green belt park surrounding the river.The crocodiles are another matter. They are unaffected by warding spells, but Sara is thinking of suggesting putting a crocodiles proof fence around the proposed river park and a barrier at the river mouth that lets the water flow into the Zom but not let the gators up the river.The East river has been the Eastern Border of the village, but will eventually run through the middle of the settled Valley of Get.  After the part of the valley that is East of the East River is settled, what to name the river then? Every one has an idea, so it is scheduled to be addressed at the next settling ceremony.



Goth brothers fishing in the Mill-Forge Pond. Notice that they are not twins.


The Goth brothers have decided to use their harvest break time to go fishing together in the Mill-Forge pond that was created by the Village dam.Born a year apart, they also have two other brothers. Each child was born separately, no litters in this family, A rare occurrence in Get.

The brothers know that they will not catch many fish in this new pond. They are really up at the dam to take care of a grudge concerning a fight that they are having over Chai, Shari’s Daughter. If they hear each other out and come to peace with it, the village elders won’t push them in the middle of the circle during the grudge settling ceremony and force them to work it out in public while the villagers loudly sing and drum.

Chai loves both of the Goth brothers, but will not marry either of them. She will eventually become a warrior like her father, Onsen the oriental warrior.When she grows up she will become a Budoka of the the Dragon Riders Goddess Temple, swearing to protect with her life, the dragon that her father had tried to slay.

Onsen’s sword that the village elders are keeping in the council house will eventually be hers, and so will “both” of the Goth brothers. The Goddess Temple witches and Budoka warriors do not take vows of chastity, but do not marry.

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