The Goddess Temple Dioramas

Arthur Hull

Hello, I am Arthur E. Hull  (E for Elf)  {]]’;-)

My life is chaotic, hectic and at the same time fulfilling, as I fly around the world visiting ten to fourteen countries a year as a rhythmical evangelist. I love sharing my passion for recreational drumming and teaching people how to facilitate drum circle events.  In the past 25 yeas of living my mission to empower people through rhythm.  My company, Village Music Circles, has served thousands of groups with rhythm-based events for teambuilding, wellness and personal growth and trained thousands of students all around the world to do the same.  When I get home, there are times that I want to shut off my drummer’s mind and engage in something that requires a different kind of creativity.


Award Winning LEGO Artist, Arthur Hull

Building creative LEGO projects gives me the opportunity to engage in a meditative process that involves quiet speculation and problem solving that ends up with a three dimensional result.

Getting involved in a LEGO building project takes me to a place where the rest of the world disappears, except for what’s right in front of me.

I rarely play my world beat/drumming music when I’m working/playing in my LEGO room. I’m usually listening to environmental ambient music, (Brian Eno, Moby etc.). This music has minimal beats and maximal ambience that supports my LEGO building meditation.

With ambient music in the background, my mind, hands and the LEGO bricks collaborate together to build something that comes as close, (as the laws of LEGO physics will allow), to what I imagined.

I want to give my heart felt thanks to Copperwoman for creating and maintaining this wonderful Website.

I’d like to thank and acknowledge my long time friend Jonathan Murray for his story ideas and suggestions as well as his excellent editing of the written content. (He makes me look “shmart” {My spelling})

Thank you to Cliff Warner for some of his professional photographic contributions. ( any blurry photo is you see here is not his  {]]’;-) )

I also want to thank all the wonderful people around the world who have so graciously contributed financially to the LMRF organization, by purchasing a Village Music Circle Pendent to make this all possible.

(LMRF translates to “LEGO Maniacs Relief Fund,” for which I am the president, treasurer and the only member. )

I hope that you enjoy the results.  Arthur  {]]’;-)