The Goddess Temple Dioramas

The Build

In this section I describe, in word and picture form, the story and logistics behind the building of my LEGO projects.

You will see pictures of different ideas manifested into three-dimensional LEGO “Sketches” that I have constructed. These sketches educate me about what can and cannot be achieved, according to the laws and physics of the LEGO brick world. It is this trial and error process of building temporary LEGO sketches that helps me get to my desired result and makes me a better builder.

Sometimes I will show you a work in progress using progressive photo shots so that you can see a projects development like the unfolding of a flower in time lapse photography.

Building with LEGO is a never-ending educational journey about imagination, design, engineering, logistics, adaptation and creativity.

It is always good to start with a plan and a vision.

It is also good to let go of plans, as you adapt that vision to your dance with the laws of LEGO physics in order to bring your creation to fruition.

Please Enjoy the Journey. Arthur {]]’;-)